Discover the #1 Ophthalmology EHR 
For Cataract Specialists

Experience precision charting and workflows designed for your Cataract-specific needs.

  • Cataract Profiles & Problem-Driven Workflows
    Built-in customizable cataract profiles populate exam findings specific to encounter needs while problem-driven workflows automatically generate diagnosis-based findings within the chart.
  • Diagnostic Test Interpretations
    This consolidated view of information allows for side-by-side comparisons and the ability to perform interpretations directly in a patient's chart.
  • Refractions
    Quickly select the appropriate lens and identify visual acuity improvements with the ability to analyze refraction data and progress over time.
  • Historical Data
    Easily view historical patient data throughout the chart, including diagnoses, exam findings, refractions and images supporting faster decision making.
  • Cataract Surgery Planner
    Control your schedule with the ability to track surgeries at every phase of the process, including not scheduled, scheduled and complete, all in one place.

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